Om oss

We are two guys in our mid 20's who really loves fashion and everything that has to do with fashion.

This journey started by a little joke from one of us. We were hanging at home surfing on our laptops and looking for clothes to buy when one of us said: "Ugh there is nothing i like". The other one responded: "Yeah I know, I wish we had our own brand and was able to design the clothes ourselves..." We had a little giggle and said nothing more about it, but the following minutes were spent in silence - we were both thinking that it actually was a good idea.

This joke was made in the beginning of 2018. Since then, it's been non-stop work in progress on this project trying to make every single detail perfect. We want a brand that allows everyone to enjoy good looking clothes with the highest quality to an actually reasonable price. We want everyone to afford to look good.