Why choose us

The fashion market is very big, there is many good brands who also sells good quality clothes to a good price. But  we want to give more! we want to show you that we actually care about you. 

We are two young guys with an eye of the detail and we have worked very hard to get you the best product with highest quality, just for your satisfaction.
The clothes we make, are designed by ourselves and with the highest quality which just makes you never wanna take it off again! 

The type of clothes we make is typically streetwear fashion, but don't get me wrong!! You can actually wear our clothes to any occasion because they are simple yet good looking.
This type of clothes would suit men and woman that is 14+

We aim to get satisfied customers rather than many unsatisfied.

The word #DUNDRLIFE is mixed between two different languages (Swedish & English) meaning, ''Life is good" , that's how we see life, and we want everyone else to also see it as that way.

From the fact that you pay attention to our logo - to that you unpack your first order we want to give you inspiration.